The Best Dirt Bikes for Kids of Different Ages in 2021

Best Kid’s Dirt Bikes

The Ultimate List of Dirt Bikes for Kids in 2021

The demand for dirt bikes for kids has increased since the past year, and so has their variety. If you’re looking to get a dirt bike for your kid but don’t know where to start, here are some of the best options available in terms of quality and prices in 2021:

Yamaha PW50

This model has been around for many years and has been popular for all the right reasons. Yamaha PW 50 is a sturdy little dirt bike for kids between ages 3 and 6. It is a perfect dirt bike for young dirt biking enthusiasts.

Honda CRF

50FHonda CRF50F is another model of dirt bike for kids that’s been around for several years and is well known for its safety features. From age six onwards, children may begin to feel more independent and adventurous while dirt biking, and this dirt bike keeps them safe while allowing them to do so. It is good for kids aged 8 or even 9-years-old.

Kawasaki KLX110

Kawasaki KLX110 is a great pick if your kid is between the ages of 10 to 12. The lime green color of the dirt bike makes it all the more appealing to the adventurous spirit of young children. This dirt bike has also been in the market for several years and is known for its great quality.

Mototec 52CC Warrior

Mototec 52CC Warrior Kids Gas Dirt Bike is perfect for your young teenage beginner dirt bike enthusiast. This model has a powerful engine and a sturdy built. Its many features also make it one of the easiest models to learn dirt biking on. The manufacturer of this dirt bike also sells parts separately, making it an easy to fix, valuable, and customizable purchase for growing kids.
While these are our top picks, there are numerous other models of kids’ dirt bikes available for your little thrill-seeker. Make sure you do a little research before putting down money on one.

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